November 28, 2018

Summer is gone, the autumn has come, but are you ready for the change in seasons? If not, make sure your skin is prepared, especially after so many warm days this year. Perhaps you felt rested and relaxed on holiday, but that does not mean your skin was. The image of the sun, beach and sea water may bring to mind fond memories, but when you look in the mirror, it is hard to believe that it could have been so pleasant. Your skin is dry and tight. You have visibly broken blood vessels, discoloration, and your wrinkles are deeper and more visible.

Perhaps you can’t have everything?

Sure you can, but you need to act!



Skin Regeneration in 4 Steps


After the summer, our skin needs intensive moisturizing and nourishing, but to increase the effectiveness of these treatments, you should choose cosmetics suitable for your skin type and products that will not further irritate your skin.

Below we present our remedy for skin regeneration in four simple and extremely pleasant steps.


  1. Sooth

First of all, our skin requires rest and soothing . At this stage, the Aloe Vera Mask will bring our skin true relief thanks to its unique extract from Poria Cocos, which has toning, firming and soothing properties. In addition, aloe vera moisturizes and regenerates the skin perfectly and allantoin soothes irritations. Remember to use the mask on clean skin.


  1. Hydrate

One of the best moisturizing ingredients is hyaluronic acid, which is a blessing for our skin, dehydrated from the sun and salt water. We especially recommend our revolutionary 3D smoothing serum with hyaluronic acid. Due to the content of cross-linked hyaluronic acid it deeply moisturizes and protects against water loss, leaving the skin supple and velvety smooth. Do not forget that after using the serum, it is necessary to use a moisturizing cream to maintain the effects of deep moisturizing. It is recommended you use the Hyaluronic Acid Series Day Cream. Apart from hyaluronic acid, the cream contains anti-aging vitamin E rich sesame oil, which also protects the skin from free radicals.


  1. Nourish

Being exposed to the harsh wind and sun means the skin needs intensive nourishment. The best time for the skin to regenerate is the night time. That is why night creams contain a larger amount of nutrients. Shea butter proves to be invaluable as it allows for thorough regeneration of the skin during the night, reduces water loss and improves elasticity. The cream you use should be rich in vitamins A and E as these ingredience reduce wrinkles and contain emollients from olive oil, which fills in the skin’s intercellular space. Our Caviar Extract Series Night Cream is perfect as it contains a caviar extract which regenerates the damaged protective barrier of the epidermis and increases the production of collagen making your skin healthier and younger.


  1. Protect

The summer has ended, but it does not mean that the sun stops shining.

Additionally, due to the air pollution that we are exposed to during the day, we should remember about proper skin protection. Creams containing ingredients such as the baikal skullcap, which prevents damage to the DNA chains, have the unique ability to prolong the active life of cells and, as an excellent antioxidant, protect against UVA and UVB radiation. Try our next generation Caviar Extract Series Day Cream as it best complement the post-summer treatment for your skin.


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In our skin care, we often forget about our lips. In order to make them soft and well-moistured, you should remember to massage them regularly, preferably with a soft brush soaked in oil.


Caviar Extract Series Night Cream

A highly advanced night cream for mature skin based on highly concentrated active and organic ingredients.

The best (and cheap) method for peeling and smoothening of your lips is a sugar peeling and honey mask. To protect your lips from external conditions, use greasy products in the winter and moisturising products in the summer.