June 19, 2018

Before every great evening out it is worth reaching to a freezer for some ice cubes. This is a well-known and proven way for immediate skin tone improvement. Our grandmothers and mothers used it successfully. The date for this method has not expired yet. Cold supports faster blood circulation, reduces swelling, improves skin color, and most importantly – it delays the aging process.

Wrap some ice cubes in a foil or cotton cloth and then put on the neck and cleavage. Massage with circular, regular movements. Your skin treated this way will look completely different after barely a few minutes. It will also absorb much more of the nutrients contained in the balsam or cream. Apply the treatment 2-3 times a week.

You can also treat your face with a similar massage. However, if you have sensitive skin or blood vessels problems, be careful not to irritate it even more. Ice is an ally especially in the morning when you wake up with swollen eyes. The ice cubes will work in this case instantly and your look will regain brilliance.

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In our skin care, we often forget about our lips. In order to make them soft and well-moistured, you should remember to massage them regularly, preferably with a soft brush soaked in oil.


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The best (and cheap) method for peeling and smoothening of your lips is a sugar peeling and honey mask. To protect your lips from external conditions, use greasy products in the winter and moisturising products in the summer.