June 19, 2018

In our skin care, we often forget about our lips. In order to make them soft and well-moistured, you should remember to massage them regularly, preferably with a soft brush soaked in oil.

The best (and cheap) method for peeling and smoothening of your lips is a sugar peeling and honey mask.

To protect your lips from external conditions, use greasy products in the winter and moisturising products in the summer.

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Naturally smooth and shiny lips without lip gloss? Without a protective lipstick?


Caviar Extract Series Night Cream

A highly advanced night cream for mature skin based on highly concentrated active and organic ingredients.

Our great-grandmothers had their method for that! Again, we will reach deep to the treasure of old, proven receipts based exclusively on natural ingredients. For beautiful, shiny lips, our great-grandmothers rubbed a small amount of honey into them before going to sleep. That is the whole secret