Pearl Glow Series Anti-Age Cream



Multi-purpose day and night cream for dry skin prone to discoloration, rich in carefully selected natural ingredients. It is based on pearls extract, well-known for its numerous care properties. Active ingredients from pearls have anti-oxidizing, perfectly moisturizing properties, improve blood circulation and visibly increase the firmness of the skin. Bioactive licorice extract has strong soothing properties and provides protection against UV radiation. It inhibits the action of an enzyme that breaks down natural hyaluronic acid in the skin, which is responsible for the firmness and hydration of the skin. It reduces the activity of melanocytes (cells that produce brown pigment) and reduces the formation of skin discolorations. Macadamia oil rebuilds the hydrolipid barrier of the skin, smoothes and has strong anti-inflammatory effect. Selected olive extract gives elasticity and protects the skin. Waxes from shea butter and sunflower oil perfectly regenerate and smooth the complexion around the clock.

Massage in the cleansed face skin every morning and evening.
Any type of complexion + skin prone to discoloration, in need of: moisturizing, firming, smoothing, tensioning and protection against discoloration.
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