ABOUT US – Biodermic

Our story

Over the hills and far away… We could tell you fairy tales about how long, long ago, when conducting an experiment, one wizard contributed to an unexpected explosion. Flacons with magical potions clooped with intensity, and this how a mixture of unseen properties was created. But we won’t do that. Because it’s not true. Bio is no coincidence. Bio means years of experience and research by passionate, knowledgeable, and resilient people. BioDermic is a quintessence of human inquisitiveness, openness, and respect for nature who gave us the greatest treasure. Our task is to find out how to make use of it.

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And we made it. We created cosmetics which, being simple, surprise you with how they work. Their recipes are compositions of ingredients which mutual relations empower the way how every single one of them works. Thus we get the effect of synergy which ideally reflects the spirit of the BioDermic brand. Our products aim to be something more than just cosmetics. They are to be substitute for professional treatments you can allow yourself to perform each and every single day.
Enter the BioDermic Dermocosmetics world – it’s bio-worth it.


The BIO Idea

BioDermic – our name is our philosophy. Bio – because we use only natural raw materials. Dermic (English “derma” for skin) – because we aim for beautiful and young skin. Dermocosmetics – because we use biologically active substances and our recipes are based on synergistic activity, just as drugs. They definitely have more bioactive ingredients, and this is why they act wider than ordinary cosmetics.



Quality over all

The ameliorated recipes for our products allow for effects received after professional treatments. What is the secret?

• We changed main active ingredients for those much more concentrated, and we increased their amount to maximum.
• We extracted the active form of leading reactants.
• Through appropriate selection of active components, we got a compounded synergistic activity.
• We got rid of silicons and we substituted them with natural emollients which accelerate absorption and protect skin from drying.
• Paraben free – an obvious feature of BioDermic Dermocosmetics products. Our cosmetics do not have parabens – and they are 100% safe for the health and beauty.

We concentrate on efficiency, versatility, and professionalism. All that to give you the best products for reasonable price. Our products are dedicated to Beauty,

Serum For The Scalp For Women

Reduces hair loss. Supports the natural microflora of head skin. Supports hair growth. Prevents hair loss.

Peeling Shampoo For Women

Reduces hair loss. Supports the natural microflora of head skin. Rebuilds the hair structure. Prevents hair…