November 28, 2018

Everyone has heard about collagen. It is the natural building substance of our skin, which is why its properties are so apparent. What is also apparent is that when it appeared as an ingredient in cosmetics, it was immediately named the king of anti-aging ingrediencies. This is the active marine collagen which has been known for 40 years.


It is recommended we use collagen cosmetics from the age of 25. It is at then that collagen simply degrades, resulting in the formation of much despised wrinkles. Therefore,  providing the skin with adequate collagen amounts can significantly stop this process. As you know, collagen has moisturizing properties that affect the smoothing of the skin. Thanks to that the reduction of wrinkles and other imperfections is noticeable.


It is worth bearing in mind, however, that not every active collagen is “active”. The collagen with the original three-helix structure preserved is the most valuable. Thanks to its properties the skin recognizes it almost as its own, which is why BioDermic Dermocosmetics set its own production of this priceless ingredient. We wanted to be sure that we offer cosmetics of the highest quality and effectiveness.


You can find collagen in our collagen series, which we have enriched with additional ingredients to strengthen the effectiveness of active substances. In creams, we have added Hydrolyzed Mucopolysaccharides, which increases intradermal penetration through the hair follicles and the permeability of connective tissue, making collagen much better absorbed.


Why not try our day cream with marine collagen and night cream with marine collagen?


Both creams also contain sesame oil, which due to sesamoline has very effective regenerative properties, which in turn means reduced signs of aging. Therefore, it is safe to say that the creators of our creams’ formulas had only one goal – to effectively fight against wrinkles.


If that is your goal, why not try the products from our collagen series. This highly advanced collagen serum with marine collagen was created for those who want to instantly improve the condition of their skin and its firmness. It has been enriched with the NMF moisturizing complex, which prevents excessive dehydration, provides long-lasting hydration and improves skin tone, just like the Collagen Mask BioDermic Dermocosmetics. In addition to intensive hydration, it also provides a stunning and visible lifting effect. 100% bio-active collagen means regeneration, nourishment and a clear STOP sign for skin aging.


Once you meet our collagen heroes, we invite you to discover BioDermic Dermocosmetics cosmetics from the other series, BIO is really worth it!

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In our skin care, we often forget about our lips. In order to make them soft and well-moistured, you should remember to massage them regularly, preferably with a soft brush soaked in oil.


Caviar Extract Series Night Cream

A highly advanced night cream for mature skin based on highly concentrated active and organic ingredients.

The best (and cheap) method for peeling and smoothening of your lips is a sugar peeling and honey mask. To protect your lips from external conditions, use greasy products in the winter and moisturising products in the summer.