June 1, 2018

Olive oil is highly appreciated in the kitchen as enrichment of our dishes, but it excels also on the dressing table, as a cosmetic. Used in baths, facials, peelings, or a substitute of cream, it gives unbelievably good results. Rubbing the skin with raw olive oil makes vitamins it contains penetrate into skin, giving it a healthy, radiant look. Vitamin E, a natural oxidant, eliminates wrinkles, refreshes, replenishes lipids and alleviates the skin, constantly exposed to stress and negative weather conditions. Vitamin F rebuilds the lipid coat of the epidermis, creating a natural barrier protecting from dehydration. Therefore, it smoothens the skin and strengthens its natural immunity. In the heating season and for people with dry skin, warm baths with a few spoons of olive oil are recommended in order to replenish skin lipids. A massage with olive oil stimulates blood circulation and accelerates the absorption of beneficial components of the oil, thanks to which the skin becomes smoother and is better nourished.

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Before every great evening out it is worth reaching to a freezer for some ice cubes.


Caviar Extract Series Night Cream

A highly advanced night cream for mature skin based on highly concentrated active and organic ingredients.

This is a well-known and proven way for immediate skin tone improvement. Our grandmothers and mothers used it successfully. The date for this method has not expired yet. Cold supports faster blood circulation, reduces swelling, improves skin color, and most importantly – it delays the aging process.